My Location - quick start guide

This is a guide for the my location app, the guide has also short explanation videos for every topic.

Basic usage

To get the most of the my location app you need simply to click anywhere on the map.
After clicking on the map, a marker with the address of the clicked location is displayed and a menu from the bottom will appear.

Menu has the following actions related to the clicked location:

1. Clicking on the heart icon will save the location, after saving the location an edit icon will appear.
2. Clicking on edit (if a location is saved) will open the edit location menu,
where you will be able to edit the location, change the title, add a description, set a type and even put the place under a custom category.
3. The navigation will open a navigate dialog so you will be able to choose your favorite navigation app.
4. The share icon will share the location.

5. The yellow icon on the left will open the split streetview screen.

6. There are more options on the overflow menu (the three dots on the right)

Save And Organise places

The app’s biggest strength is saving places, it is extremely easy to save and organize any number of places.
By clicking anywhere on the map and then clicking on the heart icon a place will be saved.
After that click on the edit icon to edit the place.
In the edit window you can change the following:
Title, description, add a random colored marker and set the place type.
There is also a very useful option to create categories and label places under them.
A place can be labeled under many categories as possible,
for instance if you are planning a trip to Miami and you want to save all the places in advance before.
You have the option to create a category Miami and label your related places under that category.
Moreover there is a useful feature of bookmarking a saved place,
a bookmarked place can be displayed on the bookmarks widget on the home screen.

From that widget you can quickly open a navigation app towards that bookmarked place!
It could be your workplace, favorite cafe or anything you like :-)

Export and import places

The only way to backup your places is by using the export/import feature.
When exporting or importing you need to choose a name for the file that the locations will be exported to.
After the export was successful you can then send the file as an attachment (via email)
The exported file will appear inside the sdcard in the MY_LOCATION folder.
Important: when exporting the file to another device, then when downloading the file attachment from the email,
when importing it you need to check the ‘from downloads folder’ checkbox, since the attachment is downloaded there.

Live Location

When wanting to share your current location updates with anyone for a short period of time,
you simply need to click on the arrow button next to the address, and then select the ‘live location’.
It will ask you then for the duration, and after that it will start the live location updates,
and generate a link for you to send to anyone you want to share the live location with.
Simply share the link, and allow your friends to see your location updates within the app.

Track location

Being able to record and view your movements on the map, simply click on the ‘track location’ from the menu,
and the location tracking will start, later when clicking on stop, it will save the track and show you the screen with all of your tracks,
where you can either export the track to gpx format, or share a screenshot with your friends.

Home screen widgets

There are two types of widgets:
1. Quick navigation : where you can see your bookmarked places, and navigate to them quickly from the home screen.
2. Save current location: if you want to save your current position, simply add that widget,
and click on the save button, and let the magic happen.